Wellness is a way of living
Wellness is a way of living

Balance Acupuncture & Wellness Services


Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture is a commonly used treatment for pain. Acupuncture is often combined with other treatments, such as physical therapy and pain medications. Acupuncture is also used to promote proper internal regulation and can improve digestion, immune function, sleep, energy level and reproductive health.

Wellness Consultation

Wellness consultation is tailored to your individual needs. Insight and strategies from traditional medicine, including diet, herbs, exercise and lifestyle choices are provided to help you learn how to best support your health. We make strategic plans with action steps to allow you to make real change in your health. Stress management plans, wellness re-sets, dietary upgrades and pain relief strategies are some of the most common objectives for wellness consultation at Balance.

Recommendations for herbs and essential oils provide additional support for health in both adults and children. Chinese herbs, which must be prescribed by a board certified doctor of Chinese Medicine, support many aspects of physiology (ie. digestion, respiration) and improve regulation for issues like sleep disturbance, female reproductive issues and immunity.

Acupuncture & Massage Combined Treatment*

Acupuncture and massage are used together to promote recovery in strained or damaged tissues, reduce pain and help you to heal more completely and quickly from injury. These methods are also used to help manage chronic conditions. Acupuncture and massage also work together to reduce stress. Because of this, many conditions that are caused by or made worse by stress can be helped by these methods.

*Due to COVID-19 precautions, massage therapy is not available at this time.

Our Approach to Treatment

Treating the Whole Self

Pain and disease exist within the context of the whole person. Traditional medicine takes a systems approach to health. A traditionally trained doctor of acupuncture uses a model that evaluates many aspects of the person, including taking a broad view of body function, stress level, emotional state, lifestyle and environment. Looking at your health concern in the greater context of your life allows us to individualize treatment plans and create strategies that provide the results that you need.

Why People Chose an Integrated Treatment Approach

Most of us want to improve our health. You may even have been told by doctors that you need to make changes like reducing stress, exercising, eating better, losing weight or getting more sleep. We want to boost our immunity and feel like we are taking care of ourselves and our families. At Balance, we help people to make real change. When you are supported by the right treatment and personalized planning, making positive changes feels invigorating rather than impossible.

Benefits of Integrated Treatment

Integrative medicine is the future of healthcare. Health is an interactive process that includes lifestyle, prevention and treatment. We need to understand how our lifestyle choices, food, stress levels and activities affect us. Choosing to add a wellness consultant to your healthcare team provides you with a resource for information and strategic planning. Choosing a doctor of acupuncture brings you centuries of information and insight, along with natural methods for treating pain, calming your nervous system, promoting circulation, nourishing and protecting your health. These methods are a part of an integrated approach to healthcare that includes primary care doctors as well as specialists like acupuncture doctors.