working together to treat the whole person
working together to treat the whole person

Referrals to Balance Acupuncture & Wellness

Welcoming New Patients

Health Care Providers
Many doctors and health care providers refer patients for acupuncture. If you would like information about acupuncture treatment in general, or have questions specific to one of your patients, please call or email for more information.

Acupuncture is an effective, conservative treatment strategy for many prevalent conditions including back and neck pain and headaches. While most commonly known in the US as a treatment for pain, acupuncture may also help other conditions including digestive issues like IBS, syndromes like chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and women’s health issues like dysmenorrhea, menopausal symptoms and infertility.

At Balance, we work together with many other types of healthcare providers in our community to provide the best possible care for our patients. We value evidence based practice. We are conservative in our treatment planning and we closely monitor outcomes in our patients. Balance Acupuncture & Wellness is a resource for both you and your patients. We want you to feel confident in referring your patients for acupuncture treatments.

Person to Person Referrals
Many of our referrals come directly from our patients who want to know if we can help their friends and loved ones. The best way to connect someone with Balance is to let them know about our complimentary phone consultations. This gives them the opportunity to talk with the acupuncturist directly, to see if we can help them. We value our patients and appreciate your confidence in our care. New patients can call or email anytime to set up a phone consultation.

About Abigail Thomas DACM, LAc 
Abigail offers two decades of experience with integrative treatment options for rehabilitation and management of chronic pain. Other areas of specialization include the management of chronic conditions including respiratory, digestive and stress related health problems. She also has a special interest in women’s health care, including fertility and menopause. She is NCCAOM board certified in Oriental Medicine.

Payment Questions

What insurance do you accept?
We are not providers for any specific insurance companies. If you have coverage for acupuncture from an out of network provider, you can pay at the time of service and submit your receipts to your insurance company for reimbursement. For many people, this is a simple process. We do not guarantee insurance reimbursement. To find out if you have insurance coverage for acupuncture, you can check your policy or just call the customer service number on the back of your card.

Can you help me file for insurance? 
We can provide you with the form for you to submit to your health insurance company for reimbursement. We do not bill your insurance on your behalf.

Can I use a Health Care Savings Account or Flex Fund?
Yes, acupuncture is an allowable expense for these accounts. To use them to cover the massage therapy portion of your visit (if there is one), you will need a script from your medical provider. No script is needed to use HSA or Flex Fund accounts to cover the cost of acupuncture.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, all forms of payment are accepted including cash, checks and most credit cards.

When is payment due?
Full payment is due at the time of service.